Download Glitch Art Animations

Here you can download some animation made with analog Not analog. All media file are under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

LZ 129


Here are two videos mixed from 1937. The blaze at the landing of the LZ 129 at Lakehurst and a flight over New York City. The New York City video includes a text panel, “All is serene —“. A euphoric statement made before the disaster in which 39 people died.

Public Domain
1937 Pathgrams (Video), WLS Radio (Sound)

Hindenburg Over New York City
1937 Public Domain

glitched: A Lo-Fi Road Trip to Arizona and New Mexico


A glitched version with the original sound track from emilysoddities. Original video by emilysoddities (

Joseph Constantine Stadler


Converting colors to sound. Based on an image by Joseph Constantine Stadler (1780 – 1812).